Saturday, October 3, 2009

Eskimo Buddha

I was commissioned in 2006 to make this bronze which subsequently became the centerpiece symbol of Eskimo Buddhism. This piece is some 12 cm high, 14cm wide and 10 cm deep. The clients have asked me to do a smaller bronze version and a Lady Eskimo Buddha as well as Baby Eskimo Buddha which I will post pictures of in the next few weeks.

When I asked what Eskimo Buddhism was I was intrigued by the explanation. Eskimo Buddhism is a state of mind, I was told, where non religious beliefs and practices transcend traditional Budhhism.

In effect, it is a modern 'protestant' form of Buddhism without the limitations formal buddhist religious belief and promotes belief in good luck, ethical conduct, loyalty to fellow man, woman and child, family, love, happiness, positive leadership, accumulation of fortune, physical exercise, simple living, altruistic behavior, ethical conduct to name but a few.

Could I be an Eskimo Buddha?

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